Spring 2011: "The Anthologist" meets Monday evenings at 8:00 pm in the Main Lounge or Red Lion Cafe at the Rutgers Student Center on College Avenue. Join us!

"The Anthologist" is dedicated to assembling a publication that reflects and preserves the unique creative flair of the Rutgers community. We strive to provide encouragement and inspiration for the creative spirit on campus.

If you would like to join in these efforts, check us out! Please feel free to stop by one of our meetings; we promise you will want to come again! Once a week, our members gather to discuss recent submissions and other potentially publishable content around campus.

Our meetings offer an outlet for students to fine-tune opinions on art and writing while aiding in the production of a high-quality magazine. While we focus on submissions, our organization offers a window into the advertising, production, and design of a publication.

Please feel free to contact our editor-in-chief at antho [at] eden.rutgers.edu with questions about getting involved or to join our email list for notifications about meetings and events.