14 Mar 2014

The countdown to our 2014 Showcase begins!

15 Nov 2013

We had our fall debut performance at Oxfam Rutger's Fashion Beyond Borders last Friday. Check out our brand new fan dance choreography!

Keep on the look out for our upcoming performances!

  • Asian Gala - VSA: RSC MPR, 11/17
  • Essence of the East - CSO: LSC MPR, 11/23
  • Hong Kong Food Festival - RCC: TBA, 11/24
  • Global Getdown - GlobeMed: LSC MPR, 12/6
  • Celebration of Lights - SNPhA (Student National Pharmaceutical Association): UMDNJ Great Hall, 12/2

01 Sept 2013

We will be at the Involvement Fair from 2-6pm on Monday, September 2nd at the Rutgers Student Center. Come and bring your friends! We will also be at the International Student Involvement Fair this Friday, September 6th from 5-8pm at Trayes Hall in the Douglass Student Center.

Our first practice is this Friday at the College Avenue Upper Gym from 5-7pm. If you can't make it, our regular practices are held every Friday at the Livingston Recreational Center from 5:30-7pm, and also every Sunday at the College Avenue Upper Gym from 11-2pm. We hope to see you there! :)

04 Mar 2013

Our annual showcase will take place on Thursday, March 14th from 8-10pm at Busch Campus Center, Multipurpose Room! Our theme this year is the Lantern Festival, albeit a little belated. ;)

We have be performing various cultural dances, and the show will also feature guest performances from VCDT, Haru Haru, Martial Arts Mercenaries, and more. Admission is free and as always, we will have lots of free food. We hope to see you there and celebrate the Lantern Festival with us!

22 Jan 2013

Hi everyone, welcome back from break! The first meeting for RCDT will be on February 3rd at the College Ave Upper Gym. We wil be prepping for our annual showcase this semester, so be prepared to step it up!

Practice times are as usual: Fridays 5:30-7 at the Livingston Recreational Center, and Sundays 11AM-2PM at the College Ave Upper Gym.

10 Dec 2012

Thanks everybody for a fantastic semester! We had a fantastic end-of-the year trip to New York. Thanks to NYCCC for the awesome Mongolian chopsticks workshop, and everyone who came for the pleasure of your company. We'll see you guys next year, and good luck on finals!

07 Sept 2012

Hello and thanks for dropping by our table at the Involvement Fair today!

Our first meeting is this Sunday (9/9) at the College Ave upper gym from 11AM-2PM. Take the weekend bus, and be sure to catch it early because weekend buses tend to be late and slow. We will be introducing ourselves, warming up, and learning basics of martial arts and dance. Bubble tea run to follow! :)

23 Aug 2012

The fall 2012 involvement fair is on September 7th, 2-6pm at the Voorhees Mall on College Ave, and yes we are recruiting! So come and support us!

If you have any questions/comments, please email us at rutgersrcdt@gmail.com.

16 Aug 2012

Hello everyone, we hope you've had a splendid summer break! :)

RCDT is now recruiting for this upcoming semester, so be sure to visit our table at the involvement fair come September! We will keep you updated on when that is (that means you should check this page often), and if you have any questions, feel free to email us!

8 Jan 2012

Hello hello, happy new year! Hope everyone had a great winter break! :D

This semester, we're going to start right back up with our Annual Showcase! It is Thursday, March 8th, so be sure to mark your calendars and come to our performance!

Our regular practices are at the same times and locations as mentioned below. See you there! :)

12 Sept 2011

Our first GIM is on September 16th at the LRC MPR (Livingston Recreation Center, Multipurpose Room), from 5:30-7PM! Our regular practices are:

  • Fridays - 5:30 to 7pm, at the LRC MPR
  • Sundays - 11 to 2pm, at the College Ave Upper Gym

Hope to see you all there! :)

04 Sept 2011

Welcome back everyone! Please welcome our new eboard of 2011-2012; check out our members page to learn more about them. Meanwhile, involvement fair has been moved to Friday, September 9th in the Voorhees Mall area on College Avenue from 3-7PM. Come out to learn more about us, our practice schedules, and how you can get involved! We welcome dancers of any level!!