Welcome to the new RUGS website!


Thank you for visiting! We are in the process of updating the site and it should be complete shortly. In the meantime, please visit us on Facebook and Sakai. To find our Sakai page, click the "Memberships" tab and search Joinable Sites for RUGS. You may also e-mail us at georugs@eden.rutgers.edu with any questions, comments or concerns

For the Spring 2013 semester, we will be meeting every other Monday at 8:00 PM in RSC Cap & Skull Room. Our next meeting is February 11, 2013

There must be something innate about maps, about this one specific way of picturing our world and our relation to it, that charms us, calls to us, won't let us look anywhere else in the room if there is a map on the wall.

     -Ken Jennings, Maphead

Upcoming Events

Join us at the Spring Involvement Fair on 1/30/2013 at 12:00 PM. We'll be in the livingston student center, giving out compasses and talking about the club!

This semester we have many events planned, including multiple hikes, a weekend-long trip, the Rutgers Reverse Career Fair, and several movie screenings. Soon, we'll have a calendar on this site. All events are posted on Facebook and announced through Sakai, so join us to stay informed.

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