Saturday, November 17, 2018
Greek Independence Day Parade
Info: The Greek Independance Day Parade will be taking place on Sunday April 2 at 1pm on 5th Avenue in NYC . You can check out the website for more details at

As agreed upon at the last meeting, we will be leaving from the Train Station in New Brunswick. We will meet at 11:10 by Dunkin Donuts (inside the train station)the train is leaving at 11:36 so please don't be late!! We can't wait for anyone.

We will be wearing our HCA flag t - shirts and for those of you who have Greek jackets please wear those. Also please dress appropriately (i.e. try to stay away from jeans and sneakers) since we will be marching in front of many important people in the Greek Community.

We also plan on going to Astoria afterwards for Dinner.