HOW TO TIE YOUR SHOES THE RIGHT WAY (so they don't come untied)

This may seem trivial, but my shoes have been coming untied all my life until I recently figure this out. :)

The idea is to make the laces look like a square knot, but with loops.

  1. put LEFT side lace OVER right
  2. pull around back and through
  3. form loop with left side lace
  4. put RIGHT side lace OVER left loop & thumb and go around back
  5. with left thumb & left 1st finger pull the 2nd loop through
Because I did left over right, then right over left, I end up with something like a square knot, and it should say tied fairly well without having to double knot. If I did left over right, then left over right, the laces would come untied often.

Double check: if you pull the lace ends out, you'll end up with a symmetrical looking square knot. But then you'd have to start over again.

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