Upcoming Meetings

October 6th Thursday 9:30pm at Murray Hall 211
Come ready to play games inspired from Japanese TV games shows! >:D

October 8th Saturday: KARAOKE~~!!
Time: Meet at the student center on college ave at 5:30pm. Location: Echo KTV on ROUTE 27. Come out and have fun with the RONS officers!! SING YOUR HEARTS OUT :)

November 2nd Wednesday: Calligraphy Class
Time and Location: 2-5pm at Rutgers Student Center on College Ave Campus in room 420.

Rutgers Organization of Nippon Students

Welcome to the webpage of the Rutgers Organization of Nippon Students (RONS)! The page will be regularly updated with the meeting times and the upcoming events. So take a look around, learn more about the club, and come to meetings!

RONS is a cultural and social organization that celebrates love of Japanese culture through various social and cultural events throughout the year, such as our sushi workshop, KaraokeFest, the tea ceremony and our biggest event of the fall semester, Fuyu Matsuri (Winter Festival). We meet regularly on Thursdays at 9:30pm at Murray 211, to play games, hang out, chat, and overall have fun. You do not need to be Japanese to join; even though this is a Japanese students' club, all people are welcome. If this club seems interesting to you, come by for a meeting, introduce yourself to the club, and hopefully we will see you every week :)