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About Asian Student Council

Recently founded in 1999, the Asian Student Council was established to unite and foster collaborations among all Asian student organization in Rutgers University.

We are a governing body that is comprised of Representatives from various student organizations. Each organization has voting rights within the Council, to ensure that all voices are heard, executive board and members alike. The Representatives from these organizations consist of executive board members and chosen committee members.

The Asian Student Council is comprised of committees: Representatives and members who work together to conceive ideas and make them plans of action. All are welcome and encouraged to become members and participate in these committees.

Our Credo

Our mission is to organize a unified body that represents each Asian organization and its members. We aim to serve the Rutgers community at large by serving as a mechanism by which organizations can collaborate, share strategies, and share information.

The Asian Student Council's vision is to excel as a dynamic presence in the Rutgers community, shaping and enriching the college experience of all Rutgers students. To bring that vision to life, ASC focuses its efforts and resources in the following areas:

1. Quality Programs
2. Informative Workshops
3. Efficient and concise meetings
4. Sponsorship
5. Personal Enrichment

Sept. 27 '05 :: 1st Meeting of the Year::

Asian Student Council is hosting the first general meeting of the year! Come and find out what we're all about and have some free refreshments too!

Oct. 5 '05 :: Website Launched! ::

Hope you all like it!!!

Oct. 11, '05 :: 2nd General Meeting::

Come one, come all to our meeting! All asian organizations are encouraged to participate at our meetings.

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