Scarlet Cross

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Rutgers Involvement Fair 2012 - Battle Raven

The ladies of Scarlet Cross perform Battle Raven at the fall involvement fair. Arrangement by The Crimson Pirates.
Featuring Eva Bakshis, Mem Barnett, Kelly Milos, Aubrey Weibel, and Drew Schapow.

Rutgers Involvement Fair 2012 - Fighting Demonstrations

The true Scarlet Knights of Rutgers, showing their skills at the Fall 2012 Involvement Fair. Never to yield, boys, out on the field, where we triumphed under the Scarlet Cross shield!
Featuring Eric Brown, Anthony Goldbach, Daniel King, and Alex MacKinnon

Faire Is Foul And Foul Is Faire

A Medieval Reenactment Group's annual Renaissance Faire is right around the corner, and performance preparations get stressful for the upcoming Maypole and period dancing demonstrations.

Created by Flaming Muffin Productions at Rutgers University in 2012 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival.

Starring Mem Barnett, Sam Fine, Kelly Milos, Allison Ryan, Drew Schapow, and Aubrey Weibel

Also with Eva Bakshis, Eric Brown, Rose Flahive, Heather Goodson, and Alex McKinnon