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Stop the Traffick Jam is an annual benefit concert aimed at increasing awareness about the issue of human trafficking in today's world. Throughout the event RUCCAT members present information about human trafficking, including statictics, definitions, causes, preventions, and potential solutions. Interspersed between the information are performances by bands, poets, singers, and dancers. Donations are collected throughout the night and proceeds go to an organization or charity that combats human trafficking. The proceeds from the most recent Stop the Traffick Jam went to Love146. Love146 has many different projects targeted towards stopping human trafficking; some focus more on prevention (like building shelters and orphanages), and others more on rehabilitation (reintegrating trafficking victims into society and preventing further exploitation, possibly by housing them or starting rehab programs). This event definitely increases awareness about trafficking and ways in which every person can help combat it. RUCCAT also hopes it leads students to think about the world on a larger scale, how our economy works, quality of life, and basic human rights. We also hope it leads students to think about where we, as consumers of trafficking labor, stand, where trafficking victims stand, and where the victims stand within themselves and their own personal scheme of the world.

Past Events

Bead for Life

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Richa Ranade at the Bead for Life Event

BeadforLife is an organization that helps sell a variety of items (e.g. jewelry, jewelry beads, bags, soaps, lip balms and more) made by Ugandan women. There are no middle men, so the women get 100% of the profits. BeadforLife hopes to break these women out of the cycle of poverty, one of the most basic and root causes of human trafficking. The money they earn from the items they make can be used for food, medicine, clothes, and other basic needs. RUCCAT often sells BeadforlIfe items at our events, and at various other times during the year. More information about BeadforLife can be found on their website.

The Body Shop Petition

The Body Shop Petition is a petition that RUCCAT stands behind and believes in firmly. The founder of The Body Shop, Anita Roddick, created a petition to have laws put in place to prevent minors from being charged as prostitutes when sex trafficking operations are unearthed and shut down. The distinction between a criminal and victim is one of the most easily overlooked when it comes to human trafficking, but it is definitely a distinction that should be addressed and soon become common knowledge. RUCCAT has helped the body petition gain many new signatures, which have all enabled the petition to be sent to the UN for further consideration. This petition is further proof that voicing one's opinions not only matters, but can also make a difference. To find out more about The Body Shop petition, you can visit their website.

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An image from "The Dark Side of Chocolate" Image Source

Movie Screenings

Periodically throughout the semester, RUCCAT hosts screenings in dormitory buildings university-wide in conjunction with RAs, educating the students and inhabitants about the world of trafficking throughout thought-provoking and interesting documentaries. From "Call and Response" to "The Dark Side of Chocolate", students leave with a new-found understanding of a human rights issue they previously have not had much contact with. Screenings usually end with a debriefing and roundtable discussion with RUCCAT members, and many continue their activism in trafficking by joining RUCCAT shortly afterward.


One of RUCCAT's two biggest yearly fundraisers, the Coffeehouse is held during the spring semester and is a laid-back affair of good food, fair trade coffee and chocolate, and acoustic musical performances. Many performers from its fall cousin, the Stop The Traffick Jam, come out and play for RUCCAT again in the spring with mellowed-out sets. Attendees are treated to a fun but educational show as they learn about the benefits of fair trade products regarding the trafficking industry, and mingle about at the low-key event that always generates a significant amount of donations.