Types of Trafficking

When you hear the word "trafficking," what comes to mind? The truth is that slavery can take place in many different forms, and what many people do not realize is that there are several types of human trafficking taking place in our world today. From sex slavery to forced labor to the trafficking of organs, the list of exploitations goes on. Click the boxes below to gain more insight on some of the most prominent forms of trafficking occurring in society today.

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How Trafficking Works

The people who are trafficked are often those who are in debt or living in poverty. Traffickers exploit these types of situations, and trick these individuals into believing that they will sponsor them to get a well-paying job somewhere abroad. Upon arrival to the destination, these individuals are often shocked to realize that they are not given the work that they were promised and instead, are forced to work in conditions that they did not agree to. Traffickers also take away passports and any other means of identification of these people so that the police will not be able to help them. Victims are often told that they must now work until they pay back their debt, and can also be sold to various different people. They are also subject to extreme violence and inhumane living conditions because of their lack of freedom ("Anti").

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