RCI OIT (Staff and Student Staff) Audit Information


RCI OIT accounts will be deleted the morning of: Thursday, Dec 06 2018


Examples of accounts that are most likely to be affected include:

  • Staff that no longer work for OIT/NBCS
  • Students that no longer work for OIT/NBCS
Deleted users' files, webpages, and emails will be archived and removed from the system 8 weeks after the account deletion date. These files will NOT be available to those users who are no longer affiliated with Rutgers University. Only current students, faculty and staff members can retrieve old files within that 8 weeks.


Saving your RCI account:

If you currently work for OIT, please contact your manager to request that your account be saved. Your manager will need to update the appropriate herd to reflect your current working status. Afterwards, they need to contact accounts@eden.rutgers.edu to get your account off the deletion list.


What should I do before the account is deleted?

If you will be losing your account, you may want to take some of the following steps.
  • Move all important files off of the account, onto either another account or a desktop system. You can use a desktop-based mail program (such as Thunderbird) with IMAP connections into two accounts to copy the messages from the old account to the other account, e-mail the messages to another account, or copy them to another account using the SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) service. Information on setting up a desktop mail client to use the IMAP server is available through our documentation page. Ask the support people for your other account about IMAP connections to it.) You do not need to "clean out" the account for us. No one will be able to get your old files.
  • Notify your regular correspondents, mailing lists, etc., about your change of address. We cannot forward mail from a deleted account to another address.
  • If you have a web page, transfer it to another account, if possible. Replace the main page (usually index.html) with one either giving your page's new address or announcing the eventual closure of the page.


What happens after the account is deleted?

  • All files on the account will be deleted. This includes mail forwarding files, automatic responses, and web pages.
  • Any e-mail addressed to such an account will be returned to the sender (i.e., bounced) with an automatic message of the type "No such user at this site". If the sender's listed address turns out to be unreachable (e.g., through a typo), the message will be lost.


How do I know my account will be saved?

If you have already been in contact with your manager, you can use the check your audit status lookup. Please note that the page updates daily, so any change in status might not be reflected until the next business day. If your NetID comes up as SAVED, your account will remain active until the next audit. If you are unable to view the page, contact help@nbcs.rutgers.edu (or the Help Desk) to confirm your status.


If my account was already deleted, how can I restore my files?

Please contact the help@nbcs.rutgers.edu (or the Help Desk). If you are able to recreate your account within 8 weeks of the account deletion date you will be able to retrieve your old files.


For any additional questions or concerns:

Email help@nbcs.rutgers.edu, or contact your Campus Computing Help Desk.

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