I'm a postdoctoral associate at MIT CSAIL working with Ruth Rosenholtz. I've completed my graduate training in the Computational Vision & Psychophysics Lab at Rutgers, under the supervision of Melchi Michel. I study human visual perception using both artifical (e.g., gratings and noise fields --like the one at the top right of the screen) and naturalistic stimuli. My research primarily focuses on the mechanisms of peripheral vision and visual search. I use computational models (e.g., ideal observers) and behavioral techniques (e.g., eye-tracking and psychophysics).

I've received M.S. in Statistics (2016) and M.S. in Cognitive Psychology (2015) from Rutgers, and completed the Cognitive Science Certificate Program at RuCCS (advised by Eileen Kowler). Previously, I've earned M.A. in Cognitive Psychology (2013) from Bogazici University, Istanbul (advised by Aysecan Boduroglu).



Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence Laboratory
32 Vassar St., Building 32-D540
Cambridge, MA 02139